Symptoms Vaginitis

What Is Vaginitis?: Causes, Symptoms and Complications

Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina , which can lead to symptoms such as vaginal discharge and  itching .
The causes of vaginitis can be different, although in most cases it is caused by irritations, hormonal alterations, traumas and infections.
Often, the origin of vaginitis is an alteration of the balance and acidity of the vaginal environment , which makes an infection possible, caused by a microorganism that takes over. Fungi, such as Candida albicans , bacteria, such as Gardnerella vaginalis , or protozoa, such as Trichomonas vaginalis , may be responsible . Some infectious agents cause sexually transmitted diseases , therefore they are transmitted with sexual intercourse: vaginitis, in fact, can be a symptom of gonorrhea and chlamydia . More rarely, viral agents such as Herpes simplex .
Vaginitis is not caused by pathogens alone. The alterations of the vaginal environment , which favor the appearance of the disorder, may also be due to systemic diseases, such as diabetes , and the use of some drugs, such as antibiotics and corticosteroids .
Certain chemical or physical stimuli can also cause irritation of the vaginal lining . Chemicals that can increase your risk of developing the disorder or even causing allergic vaginitis include detergents , perfumes, condoms , and spermicides .. Among the physical causes, however, we can mention abrasions, prolonged mechanical stimuli, childbirth and rubbing caused by too tight or non-breathable clothing.
Hormonal alterations are also a predisposing factor. After the menopause , in fact, atrophic vaginitis can arise determined by the decrease in estrogen , therefore also called climacteric or senile vaginitis. This alteration in the hormonal balance can also occur on other occasions, such as after childbirth or during breastfeeding , or after surgical removal of the ovaries .
The symptoms of vaginitis obviously depend on its origins; therefore, they may include severe  itching  associated with a very thick whitish vaginal discharge ( candidiasis ), foul-smelling discharge ( bacterial vaginosis ), or greenish-yellow vaginal discharge (trichomoniasis). Symptoms shared by the various forms of vaginitis are itching, redness and discomfort in the genital area (especially in the presence of candidiasis), pain during urination and  sexual intercourse, and small vaginal bleeding outside the  menstrual period .

Vaginitis Symptoms And Signs

Vaginitis is characterized by the presence of several symptoms that can include:

Common Symptoms Of Vaginitis

  • Vaginal discharge

Rarer Symptoms Of Vaginitis

  • Decline in sexual desire
  • Bladder dysfunctions
  • Dysuria: Difficulty urinating – Painful urination
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy
  • Metrorrhagia
  • Bleeding after menopause
  • Itching
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Foul smelling vaginal secretions
  • Stranguria
  • Vaginismus

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