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What Is Urine Therapy? Haw Can Take Urine Therapy

First of all, it is important to point out that urine therapy has NOTHING to do with urine diagnostics ; the latter is a method of evaluating the state of health which is based on the observation of some parameters relating to urine: pH , cells , concentration , colour , etc. Urine therapy, on the other hand, is a form of alternative medicine based on the intake ( orally , by injection and for topical use) of urine .
This is, obviously, a method absolutely devoid of scientific foundations, and not entirely hygienic (as well as senseless). Supporters of urine therapy explain that this physiological “distillate” of blood (which is actually a means of expelling excess or waste molecules) can be used brilliantly as a disinfectant , oncology therapy and against digestive , respiratory, hepatic and ocular disorders. etc. Personally I believe that it is a cunning form of concealment towards a more or less intense propensity towards ospressiophilia.

Senselessness Of Urine Therapy

Urine therapy was experimented and applied in various cultures of antiquity, both in the East and in the West. Some references to urine therapy have also been found in Latin and Greek texts.
Urine therapy therefore has ancient roots, even if, at one time (contrary to today), medicine could not make use of scientific methods to evaluate its therapeutic efficacy; in the absence of advanced methods and technologies, the only evaluation system was experimentation. Obviously, in order to evaluate the effect of urine in the treatment of certain diseases, it was necessary to arm oneself with courage, determination and a sense of duty… or one tried it on patients! Fortunately, these needs no longer loom and the path of a researcher is decidedly less arduous; to put it simply, it is no longer necessary to “blindly experiment” if, upon preliminary indirect analysis, the effects prove to be null or even of questionable healthiness.
It is therefore necessary to specify (once again) that THERE IS NO experimental SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support the numerous theories that support urine therapy. Furthermore, the molecules present in the organic fluid (water, urea and other amino groups, potassium , calcium , etc.) are completely known and can be synthesized in the laboratory; this means that, without the need to drink or inject or cover oneself with urine, it would still be possible to “take advantage” of the infamous therapeutic effects of urine therapy by using special products, calibrated in the laboratory to match the composition of “standard” urine.
Obviously, supporters of the method always have the answer ready: “it’s not just about ions or molecules,antigens , antibodies , hormones , enzymes etc. capable of further supporting the immune system and physiological homeostasis “. It is a pity that, at such concentrations, through the digestive system , each protein complex is inexorably denatured, nullifying any humoral effect; furthermore, even intestinal absorption would, most of the time , almost zero.
Probably, also for this reason there are those who suggest applying urine therapy by directly injecting urine with a syringe; I personally suggest subjecting these people to a psychiatric evaluation test and taking the necessary measures. Urine, as we know, is an organic fluid and represents a growth substrate for some microorganisms . This means that, although that of a healthy subject “should” be sterile, upon first contact with the outside it is still contaminated. It goes without saying that injecting (but also drinking) NON-sterile urine can cause potentially “disastrous” reactions. Imagine if the practitioner were to suffer from bacterial cystitis with relative pyuria ; the result would be the injection of onehigh bacterial load which would put the person at serious risk of death.
A small observation must then be made in support of our “poor kidneys “. Urine, as mentioned, is a means of expelling unnecessary and, if present in excess, potentially toxic molecules. On the other hand, if our kidneys “filter them away”, there must be a reason! Drinking urine means making our kidneys work twice as hard. Even from this point of view, urine therapy is rather useless and decidedly unhealthy. Urine-based compresses
are less problematic ; obviously, assuming that this could be a vehicle for pathogens, topical application on burnsand wounds would still be highly contraindicated. However, some clichés “unrelated” to urine therapy itself are still well known among the common population; one of these is that “urine has a curative function against jellyfish or sea anemone urticaria “. Even in this case it is a hoax; the toxins of these animals are of the protein type and are not affected in any way by the action of urine (or urea); rather, these toxins could be degraded by a very hot liquid, but the temperature of the urine is certainly not sufficient. Better to use specific drugs.

Notes On The Urine Therapy Method

Having clarified our total detachment from urine therapy, for completeness of information (forgive the sarcastic notes), we underline how it makes use of a real application method.

Urine therapy requires compliance with certain precautions and leaves nothing to chance. First of all, if the subject is healthy, it is always advisable to consume his own urine; in other cases, such as hormonal or immune system imbalances, it is desirable to rely on other people’s urination . Then it is strictly recommended to collect the intermediate flow and always consume fresh urine (don’t dream of freezing it to stock up!). It would be better to start with a few drops and then gradually increase the dosage (don’t be greedy!). Furthermore, it is totally forbidden to boil or dilute urine (better to preserve all its organoleptic and gustatory characteristics!).
Urine therapy is often associated with fasting therapy; after all, things have to be done right! In addition to reintroducing waste molecules, why not aim for systemic dehydration ? In addition to the oral route, compresses and injections (intramuscular or subcutaneous) are also recommended: gargles , enemas , rinses , inhalations, drops for the ears, nose and eyes , etc. In short, urine for everyone and for all tastes!

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