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What Is Hypovolemia Shock?: Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

Hypovolemia is a reduction in the volume of circulating blood. A frequent cause is blood loss (external or internal hemorrhage), generally due to trauma, surgery or injury to the wall of internal organs.

Hypovolemia can also result from excessive fluid loss due to:

Furthermore, the decrease in the mass of circulating blood can occur due to an increase in capillary permeability, secondary to inflammation or a traumatic injury (e.g. crushing trauma), or due to sepsis or acute pancreatitis.

Possible causes of hypovolemia

Hypovolemia is a common or probable symptom of these diseases

Common causes

Rare causes

By clicking on the pathology you are interested in, you can read further information on its origins and the symptoms that characterize it. Hypovolemia can also be a typical symptom of other diseases, not included in our database and therefore not listed.

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