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Treating Juvenile Acne with Herbs

This article intends to help the reader in the rapid identification of natural remedies useful in the treatment of various symptoms, disorders and pathologies. For some remedies listed, this usefulness may not have been confirmed by sufficient experimental tests, conducted with a scientific method. Furthermore, any natural remedy has potential risks and contraindications.
If available, we therefore recommend clicking on the link corresponding to the individual remedy to learn more about the topic. In any case, we remember the importance of avoiding self-therapy and consulting your doctor beforehand to ensure the absence of contraindications and pharmacological interactions.


Juvenile acne is defined as inflammation of the pilosebaceous glands. Acne is one of the most frequent disorders, which affects a large part of the pubertal population starting from the age of 12-13 .

Acne does not only affect the younger population, but there are cases in which this inflammation also arises near the age of thirty. If acne is not treated with the appropriate medications or natural remedies , it can worsen and irreparably damage the skin.

Medicinal plants and supplements useful against juvenile acne

Burdock , Marigold , Echinacea , fumaria , Chamomile , tea tree , evening primrose, nettle , blackcurrant , plantain , tricolor violet , dandelion , olive oil , artichoke .


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