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Treat Wrinkles with Herbs: Medicinal Plants And Supplements Useful Against Wrinkles

Wrinkles are linear, permanent and more or less deep folds or furrows carved into the surface of the skin .

They are divided into actinic wrinkles , favored by prolonged exposure to sunlight, expression lines , due to the traction of the mimic muscles , gravitational wrinkles , linked to the laxity of the skin support structures, which lose the ability to counterbalance the force of gravity, and in sleep wrinkles , unilateral as determined by the prevailing nocturnal posture .

Considered by most to be a beauty flaw to be prevented and countered at all costs, wrinkles recognize a wide range of possible treatments, both in the nutritional, cosmetic, medical-aesthetic and surgical fields. As regards supplements and herbal “anti-wrinkle” treatments, antioxidants and essential fatty acids are essentially proposed, both for internal and external use , substances capable of increasing skin firming (surface action of increasing skin tone and firmness ), as well as topical moisturizers and emollients .

Medicinal Plants And Supplements Useful Against Wrinkles

Substances active on the dermis which increase skin firming : Retinol ; Panax Ginseng ; Centella Asiatica ; Echinacea Angustifolia ; Fucose; Ursolic acid; vegetable derivatives (olive, avocado , soy , wheat germ , shea , algae ); genistein (extracted from licorice ), hyaluronic acid .

Antioxidants: resveratrol , rutin , quercetin , canferol, selenium , oleuropein , caffeic acid , anthocyanidins, procyanidins , vitamin A derivatives (ester), vitamin C derivatives (ester) and finally vitamin E derivatives (ester, tocopherols, tocotrienols). Vegetable oils are a good source of vitamin E , especially wheat germ oil.

Omega three / Omega six against wrinkles: borage seed oil , fish oil , cod liver oil , flaxseed oil , hemp oil , evening primrose oil , sesame seed oil .

Essential Amino Acid Pool .

Emollients and moisturizers: almond oil , jojoba oil , wheat germ oil , shea butter , sedum , aloe gel , guar gum , marshmallow , mallow , oats , calendula , fennel , lettuce , flax , licorice , aubergine , passion flower , butcher’s broom , vine , goldenrod , burnet, raspberry, fig ,prickly pear , lemon balm , olive tree.

Behavioral interventions useful in the prevention of wrinkles: abundant introduction of water; avoid exposure to the sun during the hours of maximum solar radiation (between 11 and 15 in the hot months); avoid tobacco smoke ; early use, already at the age of 25/30, of cosmetic products with a moisturizing, skin contracting, emollient, UVA filtering, antioxidant and anti-free radical action.

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