Premenstrual Syndrome - Herbalism

What Is Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?; Diagnosis & Treatment

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS = PreMenstrual Syndrome ) is a complex and heterogeneous set of disorders and alterations of a biological and psychological nature, which affect various systems of the female body in the fertile age, in correspondence with the days preceding menstruation . Premenstrual syndrome is therefore characterized by various symptoms , both physical and psychic. The most frequent physical symptoms include: breast tenderness, feeling bloated , headache , acne , appetite disturbances , constipation or diarrhea ,muscle aches and finally aggravation of asthma or rhinitis .

The psychic symptoms instead include irritability, depression , asthenia , deficit in concentration, decreased libido and finally mood variability.

Medicinal Plants And Supplements Useful Against PMS

Passion flower , birch , Tilia tomentosa, butcher ‘s broom , evening primrose , meadowsweet , raspberry , hawthorn , evening primrose , borage , sage , mugwort , chamomile , parsley , saffron , calendula , angelica , juniper , ginger , nutmeg , chaste tree , verbena , rhodiola .

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