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What Is The Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis: Cause And Symptoms

Bacterial vaginosis is   an infection characterized by the alteration of the normal  vaginal ecosystem and pH . In particular, there is an imbalance in the microorganisms which, under physiological conditions, populate and defend the vaginal environment itself (the so-called  saprophytic flora  ). The result is a polymicrobial infection of the vagina, in which different bacterial species participate that are able to establish, in a synergistic way, suitable conditions for the development of others. Thus there is an alteration in the  vaginal flora , with a decrease in  Lactobacilli (normally protective and responsible for keeping the vaginal environment slightly acidic) and proliferation of pathogens. Microorganisms that play a leading role in the pathogenesis of vaginosis include: Gardnerella vaginalis ,  Mycoplasma hominis ,  Mobiluncus spp . and  Prevotella spp .

The presence of bacterial vaginosis is indicated by  itching ,  intimate burning  and increased  vaginal discharge  (homogeneous greyish-white secretions, characterized by  a bad smell ), but in about half of the cases it is asymptomatic and it is characteristic to observe that, in this type of infection , a real inflammatory state does not manifest itself. Some women compare the unpleasant smell of the secretions to that of fish and report feeling it especially after intercourse and menstruation . This is due to the production by some germs of particular substances called amines. Rarely, symptoms such as discomfort when urinating and pain during sexual intercourse may occur . If neglected, bacterial vaginosis can lead to gynecological complications, as well as favoring the transmission of  venereal diseases through sexual intercourse.

Symptoms And Signs Of Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by the presence of several symptoms that can include:

Common Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Foul smelling vaginal secretions

Rarer Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginismus

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