Short frenulum

What Is Short Frenulum : Complications and Treatments

Before proceeding with the discussion on the short frenulum , it is necessary to analyze what the frenulum is .
In the medical field, by frenulum of the penis we mean the thin layer of tissue that connects the glans to the foreskin , an erogenous zone that is particularly sensitive when stimulated, because it is richly vascularized and equipped with many nerve receptors of pleasure. Following repeated sexual intercourse, there is an inevitable mechanical stress on the frenulum, a particularly delicate area, therefore sensitive to micro lacerations and small cuts which, over time, create pain and damage.


As the term itself anticipates, the short frenulum is an anatomical feature in which the glans frenulum appears shorter than normal: this condition could cause dyspareunia ( pain during intercourse ) and discomfort during erection , with consequent difficulty in maintaining it . So much so that some patients presenting this anatomical feature complain of acute pain during penetration: the frenulum, being short, makes it difficult to uncover the glans as the normal sliding of the foreskin is hindered. Furthermore, in similar situations, the probability of a spontaneous laceration of the frenulum itself increases, which results in bleeding, caused above all by rubbing with the vaginal walls.
With a frenulum that is too short, the condition can degenerate, thus causing a real downward bending of the glans.
Some patients who have an evidently short frenulum tend to complain of premature ejaculation .
In other patients, the short frenulum is the consequence of repeated microtraumas during the sexual act, responsible for retracting scar lesions at the preputial level: the effect is the shortening of the frenulum [taken from ].


The problem of the short frenulum scares many men, because it could create considerable discomfort and psychological disturbances, especially in the sexual sphere: the patient will have to undergo an andrological check, following which he will be able to solve the annoying problem through corrective operations called frenulotomy or frenuloplasty .

  • Frenulotomy: surgery which mainly consists in cutting the frenulum of the foreskin; after which the edges of the incision are sutured to remedy the problem of the short frenulum (the lengthening of the frenulum is obtained). Generally, the operation is performed in day-hospital, using local anesthesia: the operation is of short duration. Following the frenulotomy, the patient may feel a discomfort in the genitals, pain and bleeding; less frequent cases of hematoma and infections. Some patients also complain of a modulation of sensations during intimacy with their partner. It is essential to abstain from intercourse for about a month, to allow the genital organ to completely regain its functionality.
  • Frenuloplasty: another type of intervention aimed at the resolution of the short frenulum. In this case, the frenulum incision is transversal and the stitches are applied longitudinally: in this way, the penis appears to be more elongated. In such an operation, which is not dangerous when all hygienic-sanitary conditions are respected, the side effects are minimal; the frenulum lengthening operation lasts less than 30 minutes and the patient is only anesthetized in situ using anesthetizing ointment.

Thanks to these simple interventions, the patient completely regains the functionality of the member and recovers completely: the frenulum, therefore, returns to normal size.

Short frenulum: in short

I disturb Short frenulum
Description of”frenulum” Frenulum of the penis: thin sheet of tissue that connects the glans to the foreskin, erogenous zone particularly sensitive when stimulated
Short frenulum Anatomical feature in which the glans frenulum appears shorter than normal
Main causal factor
  • Repeated microtraumas during the sexual act
  • Retracting cicatricial lesions at the level of the foreskin
Short frenulum and complications
  • Dyspareunia
  • Discomfort during an erection
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection
  • Sexual act → rubbing with the vaginal walls of the partner → spontaneous laceration of the frenulum → pain → bleeding
  • Premature ejaculation
Treatments to remedy the short frenulum Frenulotomy: surgery that mainly consists in cutting the frenulum of the foreskin. Frenulum incision → suturing of the margins → frenulum lengthening
Frenuloplasty: the incision of the frenulum is transversal and the sutures are applied longitudinally: in this way, even the penis is (apparently) more elongated

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