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Scott bench supinated dumbbell curl

The Scott Bench Supination Dumbbell Curl exercise is also known as Preacher curl with dumbell, Preacher’s Bench Dumbbell Curl

Type of Exercise

Scott’s bench supinated dumbbell curl is a one-joint exercise

Starting position
1) Sitting on the Scott bench, elbows supported and back straight.
2) Chest resting on the upper part of the bench, shoulder blades adducted.
3) Arms bent at the elbows, dumbbells near the chin, thumbs pointing outward.
4) Legs apart in such a way as to ensure stability is maintained.

1) Maintaining the starting position, slowly and fluidly lower the handlebars.
2) Lower your arm until it is fully extended, but do not allow your elbows to rotate outward.
3) While holding your breath, begin to bend. In the final phase exhale.
4) Perform the required number of repetitions.

1) With arms extended, do not rotate your elbows outward.
2) Do not jerk the weight, do not remove your elbows from the support surface, lower the weight slowly.
3) Keep your head in line with your back.
4) Only the forearms are mobile.
5) The back is straight.
6) Maintain focus.


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Scott’s Bench Supinated Dumbbell Curl: Execution

The starting position sees the athlete standing, with the knees slightly bent, the pace equal to or slightly less than the distance between the shoulders, the right foot in front of the left, the right shoulder bent so that the right armpit meet the top edge of the bench when the right arm is resting on it. The elbow is extended and the grip is supine. The wrist is straight or flexed, but never extended; if you keep it flexed, the contribution to elbow flexion of: flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor carpi radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris and palmaris longus is reduced. The execution consists in flexing the elbow taking care not to change the position of the rest of the body. The movement ends just before the dumbbell is vertical above the elbows. Taking part of the arm off the bench is considered cheating. This exercise reduces the importance of the biceps brachii (particularly the short head) as an elbow flexor. By emphasizing the isometric contraction at the end of the concentric contraction, the involvement of the brachialis increases. The description refers to the training of the right limb; follow in a mirror way for the other arm.

Muscles involved in the exercise Scott bench supinated dumbbell curl

Group 0

  • Brachial biceps
  • brachioradialis
  • brachial

Elbow flexion

Function of stabilizing muscles: Stability of the shoulder, scapula, elbow, socket, torso, hip, knee, ankle and foot


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