Prevention of Stretch Marks: Body weight,Diet, Skin Care And Prevention in Pregnancy


Given the lack of a quick, effective and low-cost solution, stretch mark prevention remains the best way to treat this annoying blemish.
In this regard, the preventive strategies that can be implemented are different and simpler than one might think.
These strategies will be briefly described below.


Creams and Ointments

The use of creams and ointments specifically formulated to combat stretch marks has a certain preventive efficacy, but does not guarantee appreciable results when the problem has already manifested itself.
Cutotherapy of stretch marks often makes use of the medicinal properties of natural extracts, such as those of echinacea or horsetail , which protect the hyaluronic acid present in the dermis from degradation (this substance is very important for maintaining normal skin hydration).


Body weight

Controlling your body weight is essential to prevent and avoid the appearance of stretch marks. In fact, it’s very important to avoid the infamous yo-yo effect; or the rapid weight loss followed by equally sudden weight gain.
In fact, excessively rapid changes in weight (therefore in body volume) cause a sort of “accordion” effect which subjects the skin to severe stress , which often leads to the formation of stretch marks.
Furthermore, avoiding excessive weight variations not only prevents the formation of these imperfections but, of course, offers numerous other advantages for the patient’s health.
The desired effect is obtained through proper food hygieneand a healthy sporting habit. The latter must avoid exercises involving rapid and violent distension movements, obsessively repeated.



Even if you don’t suffer from sudden changes in weight, nutrition is still essential in the prevention of stretch marks. In fact, a healthy and balanced diet , low in fat and rich in vitamins , can help the skin maintain its natural elasticity and firmness, thus preventing the appearance of the aforementioned blemishes. Hydration is also essential, therefore, water consumption must be high.


Skin Care

Daily skin care, with an eye to its hydration, is a further effective strategy for preventing stretch marks. For this reason, the use of adequate cosmetic products that provide the skin with the nourishment and hydration it needs is of fundamental importance, especially when it is in particularly stressful conditions (such as, for example, during pregnancy) or when it is particularly exposed to the aggression of external agents, such as, for example, UV rays. In this regard, moreover, it is useful to remember how important the use of adequate sunscreens is in order to defend the skin from photoaging.
In addition to the use of suitable skincare products, periodic exfoliation of the skin with suitable cosmetics is equally important. In fact, exfoliation facilitates and accelerates the removal of dead cells present on the skin surface, thus promoting cell renewal.
In this way it will be possible not only to prevent the formation of stretch marks, but it will also be possible to preserve the elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin as a whole.


Prevention in Pregnancy

Stretch marks certainly do not spare pregnant women, in which there is a relatively rapid increase in the size of the belly and breasts .
In order to prevent the appearance of these blemishes, from the first months of pregnancy, it is advisable to massage the abdomen, thighs and buttocks with circular movements, using a cream based on lipids and vitamin E , such as shea butter . wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, borage oil , almond oil , jojoba oil or the common extra virgin olive oil .
Sometimes the application ofpacks , so the areas treated with these creams should be wrapped in a sheet and covered with a cloth. After about twenty minutes, the area will be freed by removing the unabsorbed cream residues with a damp towel.
Even the foresight to wear abdominal bands and elastic tights during pregnancy and during periods of weight gain can help in the prevention of stretch marks.


Lymphatic And Blood Circulation

The slowing down of the blood circulation and the lower functionality of the lymphatic one , predisposes to the appearance of stretch marks; also in this case physical activity can be of considerable help in the preventive field. Furthermore, manual lymphatic drainage
can also contribute to maintaining the water balance of the skin tissues, avoiding their degeneration.


Finally, even abstaining from the harmful habit of smoking can be an excellent and effective preventive remedy against stretch marks. In fact, the negative influence of smoking on the elasticity of the skin is well known, resulting in an inevitable premature aging.
Furthermore, abstaining from the habit of smoking not only helps prevent stretch marks, but brings a series of innumerable benefits to the entire body.

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