What Is Premature Ejaculation: Premature Ejaculation During Puberty

In the literature, premature ejaculation is cited as “the most common among male sexual dysfunctions”, a problem found among men of all socio-economic levels: so much so that for some authors, ejaculatory precocity can be defined as a sort of “democratic sexual dysfunction”.But that’s not all: premature ejaculation is not only the most frequent sexual dysfunction in the male world, but also the most difficult sexual disorder to decipher in medical-scientific terms. Needless to deny that premature ejaculation is a disorder that is clear to everyone, but at the same time very complex to define in the most correct terms: some describe it as a real physical and psychological disease which inevitably has repercussions on intimacy with the partner, causing embarrassing situations.
In premature ejaculation the man is unable to maintain some self-controlvoluntary on one’s ejaculatory reflex: it is a problem deeply felt by the stronger sex, since, having reached orgasm after a brief sexual arousal, the man is no longer able to satisfy his woman.

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Ejaculatio praecox , the Latin translation of premature ejaculation, represents a very common condition in the male sphere. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 25-40% of men suffer from this unpleasant ailment. In other words, approximately one in three men complain of premature ejaculation problems.

Premature Ejaculation During Puberty

Puberty represents a particularly delicate moment, a transition phase in which the boy becomes a man . This transformation is gradual, progressive, certainly not immediate: in similar situations, the mechanism that regulates the production of sperm is not yet fully functional and established. In this regard, the very first ejaculations could occur without any leakage of sperm or, again, ejaculation could occur during the night ( nocturnal pollution ).
Precisely for this reason, it would not be entirely correct to speak of premature ejaculation in those boys who have just crossed the threshold of childhood.

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