Our wellness tips for mind and body

Our wellness tips for mind and body

What is your strategy to get back in shape? We at HealthRug thought we’d share our secrets with you for rediscovering well-being not only from a physical point of view, but also from a mental point of view. We therefore invite you to discover all our tips for taking care of your mind and body. Exercises, recipes and advice on foods to experiment with, tips for training and avoiding the routine when it comes to workouts.

If you have any questions for our experts, or want to tell us how you train or reveal your wellness secrets (perhaps they can also be a suggestion for others!).

Workout of the day: Side Plank to tone the buttocks

Our Denise Dellagiacoma teaches us how to perform the side plank, but adding some variations to specifically tone the buttocks. In the first exercise we bring the “free” leg up, so as to work the affected gluteus. It is very important to keep the pelvis forward, the chest open, the abdomen active and, of course, the buttocks contracted.

In the second exercise, on the other hand, we must try to bring the elbow closer to the knee, bending them both before extending them again, but avoiding closing ourselves forward.

These two exercises can also be performed by beginners.

The wellness tips

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The cardio workout Interval Training

Here are the indications of our Personal Trainer to set up a workout of this type. This workout can be done at home, if you have the tools, or in the gym, if you have decided to resume after the reopening:

“Below we will present a classic example of cardio training in intermediate-to-low level training.

  1. 10 minutes of hill walking or flat walking with 1 burpee for beginners (no pushup and no bouncing) every 30 seconds
  2. 1 circuit consisting of 4 stations / exercises, lasting 5 minutes each, interspersed with passive pauses of 1 minute each, with an intensity equal to a HR of 120-130 beats per minute (bpm): jumping rope , skip in place or run or treadmill, jumping jack or rowing machine, elliptical or climber machine
  3. Short strength circuit: 10 beginner pushups, 10 crunches, 10 prone wide grip lat pulldowns, 10 bench press torso hyperextensions, 10 pistol squats (each side)
  4. 10 minutes of cool-down on an exercise bike; QB stretching and joint mobility.”

Shopping at your home: our suggestion

To save time, but also to limit our outings at this time when we are advised to stay at home, we want to suggest a valid alternative to the supermarket.

We are talking about the Amazon Pantry service, which guarantees all those who have an Amazon Prime subscription to choose products online through the dedicated section and have them delivered directly to their homes. When ordering, please note that the shopping boxes have a maximum capacity of 20 kg or 110 litres.

Among the products that can be purchased, there are not only non-perishable foodstuffs, but also products for the home, for hygiene and personal care, for children and for our four-legged friends.

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