Hyaluronic Acid Cream: Properties and Efficacy

Hyaluronic Acid Cream: Properties And Efficacy, Hyaluronic Acid Supplements


Hyaluronic acid is  widely used in cosmetics for the creation of moisturizing creams and film-forming products, ranging from make  -up  to antiaging cosmetics .

Hyaluronic acid creams for the face restore  dry  and mature skin to its natural elasticity, which inevitably decreases as age progresses. It is no coincidence that hyaluronic acid is exploited precisely for its extraordinary moisturizing effect: in fact, by effectively retaining water molecules , it helps to give softness and elasticity to mature skin, but not only. In fact, even younger skins can benefit from the use of hyaluronic acid creams.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a component of the so-called fundamental substance of the  dermis belonging to the group of glycosaminoglycans. More precisely, it is a molecule naturally produced by the body in order to hydrate and protect the tissues.

From a chemical point of view, hyaluronic acid is a   high  molecular weight polysaccharide  belonging to the group of glycosaminoglycans : it is formed by a long unbranched chain formed by the alternation of sugar units of glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine (amino sugar derived from  glucose ). This particular structure means that hyaluronic acid is able to bind and retain numerous water molecules , contributing to the maintenance of hydration and skin elasticity.

Furthermore, together with the elastic fibers and collagen, hyaluronic acid contributes to the formation of what can be defined as the scaffolding that supports the skin , giving it elasticity, hydration, turgidity, tone and resistance .

Many antiaging creams are formulated with hyaluronic acid precisely because of its surprising ability to bind many water molecules which – in addition to providing deep hydration to the skin – at the same time protect it from excessive stress.

Ideal Hyaluronic Acid Cream

What Are The Ideal Requirements Of A Hyaluronic Acid Cream?

A hyaluronic acid cream should meet the needs of consumers, acting on several levels. Therefore, it should:

  • Counteract the dryness of the skin, hydrating it deeply;
  • Contribute to make the typical blemishes of skin aging  appear less evident ;
  • Help postpone the (inevitable) appearance of wrinkles ;
  • Restore the natural hydrolipidic balance of the skin;
  • Get smoother, suppler and softer skin.

Summarizing all these ideal characteristics in a single expression, a top quality hyaluronic acid cream must be designed with a view to providing deep skin hydration and giving the skin a plump and luminous appearance.

Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid

As we have seen, hyaluronic acid is a very large molecule which, as such, is unable to penetrate deeply into the skin.

The refinement of research on cosmetic raw materials has made it possible to introduce molecules of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics of clearly smaller dimensions (lower molecular weight) compared to the “classic” form. This discovery was a real breakthrough: the new hydrolysed hyaluronic acid molecules obtained from cosmetic research, in fact, being lighter, increase the chances of penetration through the skin ensuring a better moisturizing effect. This effect also seems to be enhanced by the incorporation of hydrolysed hyaluronic acid into liposomes .


What Results Can Be Obtained With The Use Of Hyaluronic Acid Creams?

If used consistently and regularly, the results obtained with the use of hyaluronic acid creams can give appreciable results.

Thanks to the hydration conferred, in fact, the skin will be smoother and more radiant. The results will then tend to be better if the hyaluronic acid contained in the cream is in its fragmented form ( hydrolysed hyaluronic acid ).

Only small molecules (low molecular weight), in fact, are able to penetrate the superficial skin layers easily: in doing so, the hyaluronic acid cream gives firmness to the tissues, giving a perception of filling – albeit temporary and short duration – to superficial wrinkles. This – in combination with its high moisturizing power – is the reason why hyaluronic acid is such a popular ingredient in the world of anti-aging cosmetics.

Cons And Disappointments

Even if the hyaluronic acid cream is a very common product in anti-aging cosmetics, the much desired ” anti-wrinkle effect ” is not always obtained and the results are not always the ones hoped for.

First of all, it is necessary to highlight the importance of regular application of the product:  anti-aging creams  (with hyaluronic acid, in this precise case) require  daily administration . Some cosmetic companies even suggest applying the product several times a day. The cream should be spread on the skin of the face in the morning and/or in the evening before sleeping at night; to make the most of the cosmetic effectiveness, it is recommended to facilitate its absorption by gently massaging the product in the critical points of the face.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the final effect promoted by hyaluronic acid cream is heavily influenced by lifestyle, eating habits and the context in which one lives. For example, a  sedentary person who follows an unbalanced diet, works in polluted environments or – even worse – smokes, in all probability will not obtain a satisfactory result even if he applies the hyaluronic acid cream twice a day . Hence the need to support the application of the cosmetic with a regular diet, rich in fruit and vegetables  (source of  vitamins  and antioxidants par excellence). It is also recommended  not to smokeand to regularly engage in physical activity/sports.

Did You Know That…

Also and above all prolonged exposure to  UV rays (both natural and artificial) favors premature skin ageing . Therefore, the (albeit regular) application of hyaluronic acid creams on facial skin exposed to the sun excessively, unregulated and/or without the use of the appropriate sunscreens may not guarantee the desired anti-aging effect.

Among the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid creams, we cannot forget the cost (not always convenient) and the possible post-application skin reactions. Particularly sensitive and delicate skins may not like the application of similar products: in any case, it should be noted that the possible allergic reaction  to face creams is probably due more to the presence of perfumes or other cosmetic “complement” substances, rather than to hyaluronic acid itself.

Not only Antiaging Creams

In addition to being administered by topical application in the form of a cream, hyaluronic acid can be taken orally (  as a supplement) or injected under the skin ( fillers ).

Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

Hyaluronic acid is part of the composition of numerous food supplements made both to promote the well-being and beauty of the skin and to promote the well-being of the joints . In fact, let’s not forget that this precious molecule plays a fundamental role in the connective tissues of our body.

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Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Hyaluronic acid filler is a highly requested aesthetic medicine treatment. In fact, thanks to the injection of this molecule, it is possible to remedy small imperfections (such as, for example, crow’s feet ) and to give more volume to areas considered thin and “flat” (such as, for example, cheekbones and lips ). .

Clearly, the hyaluronic acid filler must be performed only and exclusively by specialized medical personnel. Furthermore, we remind you that it is a treatment with possible side effects and contraindications , hence the importance of consulting an expert doctor.

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In conclusion, let us remind you once again of the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet and of constantly dedicating yourself to regular physical activity  . On the one hand, in fact, a regular diet without excesses can slow down, as much as possible, the natural skin aging process; on the other hand, sport is essential to boost the  endogenous antioxidant systems  .

According to this, it is understood that a hyaluronic acid cream, even if formulated with substances of superlative quality, is not able, by itself, to effectively mitigate and prevent the blemishes of the time if it is not supported by a correct style of life.

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