Drugs to Treat Cystitis in Pregnancy

Drugs to Treat Cystitis in Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Complications,Treatment

Cystitis  during pregnancy  is an inflammatory pathology that affects the  bladder wall of pregnant women. This is a fairly common disorder in the pregnant population as it is favored by the physical and hormonal changes that normally occur during gestation.Causes

What Are The Causes Of Cystitis In Pregnancy?

Cystitis during pregnancy is favored by:

  • Hormonal changes typical of pregnancy (increase in progesterone which promotes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the urinary system, with consequent slowing of the flow of urine which, therefore, has a lesser washing effect);
  • Mechanical compression exerted by the growing uterus on the ureter ;
  • Presence of nutritional substrates for germs in the urine .

All these factors favor and facilitate the taking root of vaginal or intestinal germs – in particular, bacteria such as E. coli – which ascend the urethra , thus favoring the appearance of cystitis during pregnancy. In light of what has just been said, therefore, it is possible to state that cystitis during pregnancy is generally caused by bacterial infections .


Symptoms Of Cystitis In Pregnancy

Typical symptoms of cystitis consist of:

  • Difficulty urinating;
  • Pain and burning during urination ;
  • Need to urinate more frequently;
  • Sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • Presence of blood in the urine ;
  • Low-grade fever (if the fever is very high, the infection may have spread to the kidneys ).

However, it should be noted that, in some cases, pregnant women can experience asymptomatic urinary infections .

Cystitis In Pregnancy: Is It Dangerous?

Although rare, cystitis during pregnancy can give rise to complications that can negatively affect the fetus . In particular, kidney infections may occur which have been associated with a slight increase in premature births and developmental problems in the newborn. For this reason, it is of fundamental importance to promptly treat cystitis during pregnancy .

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The information on drugs to treat cystitis during pregnancy present in this article is not intended to replace the direct relationship between health professional and patient. Always consult your doctor and/or specialist before taking any type of medication to treat cystitis during pregnancy.

Medicines For Cystitis In Pregnancy

What To Take For Cystitis During Pregnancy?

Since, as we have said, cystitis in pregnancy is an inflammatory pathology generally caused by bacterial infections , its treatment involves the use of antibiotic drugs , the use of which must, of course, be safe for both the mother and the fetus.

As soon as the first symptoms of cystitis appear, patients must immediately contact their doctor, who will prescribe an adequate  antibiotic therapy  (usually after carrying out a urine culture test, carried out to identify the type of  microorganism  responsible for the infection). In addition to antibiotic therapy, if deemed appropriate, the doctor may prescribe the administration of  paracetamol  to provide relief from symptoms of cystitis such as fever and pain.

Naturally, if the microorganism responsible for the appearance of cystitis is not of a bacterial type, the doctor will not prescribe antibiotic drugs, but rather drugs suitable to counteract and eradicate the pathogen responsible for the infection. These cases, however, will not be considered in this article.

Below are the drugs most used in therapy against cystitis during pregnancy and some examples of medicines that contain them. It is up to the doctor to choose the  most suitable active ingredient  and dosage for the patient, based on the severity of the disease, the state of health of the pregnant woman and her response to the treatment.

Antibiotic For Cystitis In Pregnancy

To treat cystitis during pregnancy due to a bacterial infection, the doctor can prescribe the patient the use of specific antibiotic drugs , such as:

  • Fosfomycin : fosfomycin is an antibiotic of natural origin with a broad spectrum of action which has specific therapeutic indications for the treatment of  urinary tract infections , includingacute bacterial cystitis . Its use during pregnancy can be carried out only if strictly necessary and only under the strict supervision of the doctor .
  • Ampicillin : Ampicillin is a  beta-lactam antibiotic belonging to the class of  – spectrum penicillins . It is an active ingredient widely used in the treatment of cystitis and can also be used for the treatment of cystitis during pregnancy, as long as its use takes place under the strict supervision of the doctor and only in cases of real necessity . Ampicillin is available in pharmaceutical formulations suitable for both oral and  parenteral administration .
  • Amoxicillin : Amoxicillin is another beta-lactam antibiotic belonging to the penicillin class. It too can be used in the treatment of cystitis during pregnancy, but – like the other antibiotics mentioned above – only in case of actual need and only under the strict supervision of the doctor . To treat cystitis during pregnancy, amoxicillin can be administered orally .

Paracetamol For Cystitis In Pregnancy

If deemed appropriate, the doctor may also decide to prescribe the administration of paracetamol to combat symptoms such as pain and fever, often associated with cystitis during pregnancy.

Paracetamol is an active ingredient with antipyretic and analgesic activity , available in different pharmaceutical formulations suitable for different  routes of administration . Generally, to treat the symptoms of cystitis in pregnancy, paracetamol is administered orally . The doctor will provide the appropriate indications regarding the quantity of paracetamol that each patient will have to take.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies For Cystitis In Pregnancy

In recent years, interest in the natural has undergone a constant increase. However, natural remedies should be used with great caution and only after consulting your doctor, even more so if you are pregnant . For this reason, before resorting to any type of natural remedy to try to treat cystitis during pregnancy, it is absolutely necessary and indispensable to seek advice from your doctor . We also remember that in order to avoid potentially dangerous complications for the mother and the fetus, cystitis during pregnancy must ALWAYS be treated quickly and adequately .

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