What is this method and how does it work?

21 Days to Be Reborn: What it is and How this Method Works

Change your lifea purpose Easier said that done and which in many cases remains trapped in things that are postponed indefinitely.

One of the biggest obstacles you usually encounter is that, even when you’re not fully satisfied with your life, you don’t know where to start to make a truly meaningful change.

Among many methods to do it, one of the most fascinating is that theorized by the doctor and expert of power Franco Berrino, together with coach David Mariani and meditation expert Daniel Lumera.

From the union of their skills, the theory was born according to which one can make a change in one’s existence in 21 days.

What is the 21 day theory

The recipe that promises to let everyone find the key to abandoning old habits and everyday life that no longer belong to those who live them is known as 21 day theory.

That would be enoughIndeed, to change your lifestyle, embrace a healthier diet and a routine dedicated to well being, that makes you rediscover, or discover for the first time, the right physical and mental balance. A journey in stages that every day would have the power to make you feel more vital, joyful and endowed with unexpected energy.

Adults, seniors, there are no age limits to receive benefits from this wellness experience, you just need to let go of the past and try to meet the future with enthusiasm.

Everyone’s existence is made up of choices and do those rightespecially with regard to nutrition and physical activity, can make a difference in terms of longevity and quality of life.

Carrying on bad habits for too long, in addition to being wrong in the immediate future, can sometimes lead to irreversible consequences, but changing is possible at any time, the important thing is to want it.

Set goals


Set concrete goals and have the strength to pursue them it is among the prerogatives of the 21-day method. Whatever they are, writing them down in a notebook in order to fix them in black and white can help considerably.

The secret of success would be to carry out positive actions every day, which over time turn into consolidated habits.

For experts, 21 days would be enough to transform gestures and exercises initially far from one’s way of life into consolidated habits, capable of generating permanent physiological and mental changes.

Gradual path


However, according to what Franco Berrino theorized, changes they are not the result of drastic decisions or radical upheavals of one’s routine, but derive from slow evolutionspaths that step by step lead to the goal.

Only in this way is it possible to put body and mind in a position to dialogue in a fruitful way.

Patience, therefore, must act as the leitmotif to change. Haste, on the other hand, must be avoided, because it would only risk not achieving any results, but causing high and counterproductive stress.

Taking a new and unknown road can lead to some stumbling, so one of the tips to take into consideration is to take into account any falls and not to be discouraged by temporary failures or setbacks. In fact, they too are part of the itinerary.

How does it work


This method is based on three fundamental aspectsable to influence the level of well-being and happiness: healthy eating, sports as a constant habit and meditation.

The importance of nutrition

During the first phase of the project, one must above all make an effort to change one’s mental attitude towards the different aspects of everyday life.

As for thedietthe goal is to try to eat foods that are as natural as possible, trying to reduce those subject to industrial processing. To help you can put into practice the so-called additional method. Usually when you go on a diet you tend to eliminate something, but if instead of saying «I eliminate bread and pasta» you say «I add products made with wholemeal flour», everything will sound different and psychologically it will seem like a simpler step.

Embrace this philosophy it does not mean having a list of banned foods, but being naturally inclined to prefer unrefined or sugary things, to limit the consumption of red meat and to place fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes at the center of one’s diet. Not to be disdained even some moments of controlled fasting, useful for purifying the body.

Sports and meditation


To accompany proper nutrition must also be sportpracticed regularly. In this case, the request is walk half an hour every day.

Not less breathing and meditative techniques are important, to be learned for the first time for those unfamiliar with the subject, and to be implemented for those who know it. Again, every day you should set aside a few minutes to put this ritual into practice.

Over time, the activities should become more intense, so that at the end of the journey they become so automatic that they become habits.

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